About Us

We are a distributor in medical devices and equipment to all regions of Thailand with more than 20-year experienced Management Team. Currently, we are the distributor for some international brands eg. Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Polan, UK., USA, Canada and Korea on a variety range of product lines such as Beds, Stretchers, Pendant, Suction and Oxygen Therapy Equipment, Vacuum Systems, Patient Care Equipment, Safe Patient Handling Solutions, Hypo-Hyper thermia, Lighting Solutions, Operation Theater, Biopsy, HFCWO, Shockwave, Autoclave, Fluid Warmer, Portable Ventilators, NIO, Necklite, VDO Larynx, Head Support, Surgical Headlight Set, Warmer, Incubator, Doppler, Patient Monitors, Height and Weight Scale, Supplies, Home-used and so on.

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